Fund Grube

This beauty, lifestyle and fashion franchise career looks back on more than thirty years of experience. Fragrances, cosmetics, and watchmaking constitute the brand´s main catalog in Europe. International sales relevance sets eCommerce as a key factor within brand’s marketing strategy.



Singular developed an e-Commerce website as well as iOS/Android apps for the brand.

ERP IntegrationProject presented an intrinsic complexity from the start due to its catalog heterogeneous nature and considering the large market spectrum which Fund Grube covers.

Fund Grube’s website has to be really responsive due to an important number of several and different requirements. Entirely developed with Magento, it represents a very good example of a non conventional eCommerce website. We created solutions in order to deal with the big magnitude eCommerce high-performing needs.

Online store


UX/UI Design
Magento Development
SAP ERP Integration
Android APP 

Express delivery

Considering the large brand’s shop network, a precise offer which allowed users to execute an immediate purchase was necessary. Once users are into request process, they instantly get notified about products that could be acquired at that same time, based on clients browser/device geolocation.

Verifying this information through the real stock presents its own complexity, but that wasn’t reason enough to dismiss a function that improves the conversion in a very significative way.

Customizable gift requests

This solution offers the possibility of picking products from the shopping basket and customize different gift wraps and greetings cards as well.

Consulting and recommendations

We integrated a solution in order to get access to other users rating about a desired product. In addition, a consulting section was developed so users could propose questions about particular products or check other clients answers, ensuring Fundgrube’s transparency.

iOS / Android native Apps

Singular developed iOS/Android native Apps to give frequent users a special attention and better performance as well as a special communication channel for premium clients who request a high-performing experience in their devices.