Hyundai City Store

The Korean multinational automotive brand Hyundai Motor Company, medium and top-range vehicle manufacturer, has always considered transmitting its strong commitment to vanguard as a big deal to distinguish and position its models in a more and more challenging market environment.



Hyundai quickly understood the need of an attracting and comfortable approach to a large group of clients that presented radically different habits not seen so far. In a certain way, it’s about completing/complementing the role which common authorized dealer performs.

At this stage, Singular created an innovating purchase/shop experience, capable of satisfying new clients exigences, who demand an adapted and personalized offer as a priority. An experience with the ability to transcend the most pure digital environment and which unifies with the physical one.


Suite 102
364 Malvern Road
Armadale, Victoria


UX/UI Design
Magento Development
DMS Integration
CRM Integration

Real-Time Stock

We developed a Magento based selling system which gives the user the access to model configuration and the possibility of checking options, prices and availability at all times. It is equally advantageous for the dealer and his real stock selling chances, since the system informs the user on the available stock units related to the settled configuration.

Prices and Financing

Users are able to know the final product price during the whole purchase process and even visualize the resulting fees according to financing and initial payment. Users are able to either make a full payment or pay a fee according to the resultant financing established directly from the digital display stand.

The Store

Hyundai City Store was built to get closer to users through a digital environment. It’s located in a shopping center in order to achieve a high exposition level and to give the clients the access to a digital configurator tool tactile displays. There’s a certain number of models that users can test once configuration is completely set up